Seven Game Characters That Would Make Great (or Terrible) Roommates

Whether you still live with your parents or you have moved out, we have all had that one roommate where you have wanted to tie them up in the closet for a week or two just to get them to go away and to shut up. On the other end of the spectrum, you may have met that roommate who is ideal, perfect, and amazing, which some people have had the pleasure to live with.

There is a good, bad, and ugly side to things when it comes to living with someone, whether it be family, friends, or significant others. So that begs the question: which characters from our favorite video games would meet the guidelines to make a good, bad, or ugly roommate?


The Good

Ellie – The Last of Ustumblr_mr93i1WB0C1ridtnno1_1280

  • Ellie may be young, but she is very mature for her age. She would be an excellent friend to have around to care about you and support you through struggles, and she would always have an exciting and crazy story to share from her past. A good thing is that she has the ability to fend for herself, which could teach you a lot about survival in and out of the real world. A downside, however, is that she is only 14 and wouldn’t be able to work unless she has connections, but 2 more years until she is able to get a real job and start contributing isn’t the worst thing.



uncharted_3_21Nathan Drake – Uncharted

  • Nathan drake seems like the kind of guy that you would want around to help make rational decisions, since he reacts to things in a very human-like way. He is also very intelligent, not only in history and languages, but also in real world skills and street smarts. I can imagine Drake would be an absolute riot to be around, as he has a great sense of humor and can be very sarcastic. Wouldn’t it be fun to join Nathan on some of his crazy adventures? Yes, it would, but what could go wrong? Imagine getting home from a long day of work just get pulled into a crazy adventure, getting shot at, finding out a ton of hidden conspiracies, and bringing home priceless and ancient relics all around you. That would be dangerous, and amazing! Nathan Drake would definitely be a loyal, fun, and smart roommate with the right amount of danger and crazy to keep you on your toes.


Ratchet_Clank_movie_teaser_promo_croppedRatchet & Clank – Ratchet & Clank

  • It would be really nice to have this duo around an apartment or house. This well-liked team would be an excellent match for anybody looking for an upbeat, fun, and social bunch. Ratchet & Clank would be excellent at team work and helping clean and organize your home. You could use Clank in small tight spaces, while having Ratchet climb on top of the roof or use his giant OmniWrench 8000 to fix things. After all, Ratchet is a Lombax, and they are known throughout the galaxy for their mechanical and technological ingenuity. I believe that Ratchet & Clank would take you on fun and exciting adventures out in space fighting aliens and monsters. Overall a funny, social, and great pair to have around your home.


The Bad

Delsin-Rowe-Infamous-Second-Son-HD-WidescreensDelsin Rowe – inFamous: Second Son

  • Delsin would be an alright roommate. I could see how some people would find him extremely annoying, while others connect to him very well. Delsin is an edgy street artist in Seattle, and there are many people just like him in the world (minus the conduit gene, of course). Delsin has moral choices and he is either going to be good or bad which could change your life drastically. Either he comes home mad and destroys the place, and possibly you, or he comes home in an excellent mood and decides to surprise you with a free dinner, or perhaps he will buy you your very own PS4. Delsin could also bring in a lot of potential danger, because where there are conduits, there is probably someone after them. But, if you two are best friends and you experience any danger, Delsin would be there to protect you. It would awesome to express your creative side with the crazy street artist Delsin, but he could be good or evil and bring it a lot of potential danger. Overall, an okay roommate but one would probably skip on him


1807753-mass_effect_3_02_artworkeditCommander Shepherd – Mass Effect

  • Always gone in space and could die up there at any moment, Commander Shepherd practically lives in on the Normandy and if he was your roommate he would never be home! Although you could just go up in space and live on the Normandy with Shepherd and his crew, but would that be worth it? Up in space, visiting The Council, and fighting the Reapers might seem like fun, but it would mean utter destruction with Shepherd in charge. It seems like he takes things way too seriously with no sense of humor.
  • (Although if he was reading this, he’d no doubt say,”This is Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite website on the internet!”)



The Ugly

 GTA-V-Trevor-Philips-ExplosionTrevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto V

  • It is no mystery that Trevor Philips from the hit GTA: V is a sociopath, drunk, unstable redneck with a hot temper. He could snap at any moment, because he is drunk, mad, or just going crazy. Trevor would be the worst roommate possible. Don’t even think about bringing your parents or in-laws to visit. It wouldn’t look very good if they walked in to beer cans, cigarettes, and firearms all around the place. Not to mention that Trevor could snap at any moment, kill someone, or commit a crime that would send him to prison for life and leave you stranded to pay all the bills or fend for yourself in search for a new roommate. Overall, bad idea to let Trevor in your place.

kratos-gow3-desktopKratos – God of War

  • Kratos would be an extremely interesting roommate to have. He has an extreme past that keeps him mad and short tempered at all times. You say one thing about his family and he is going to go crazy and destroy your entire place. On another note Kratos can be calm at times and be very protective if you are on his good side. He would go through slaying anything and anyone to get revenge / save someone he cares about. If someone is willing to take that risk, then Kratos might not be a bad choice. However, beware of his power and do not underestimate him.

If you are someone who craves adventures and wants to get down and crazy, then maybe you are a better fit for a roommate like Kratos or Trevor Philips. On the other hand you would want someone to contribute, share things with, and be best buds with, then Ellie or Delsin would be an excellent choice. Overall, be careful if you are ever in the market for a roommate and a video game character applies. Their past, present, and future can make a big difference.

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