Ascent: The Space Game Now On Desura

Fluffy Kitten Studios first game, Ascent: The Space Game has landed on Desura for free today.

Ascent: The Space Game is an indie space MMO. The game made its Steam Greenlight debut in November, and has experienced a number of updates to the game’s graphics, gameplay, and interface since the debut. Ascent: The Space Game also features 200 billion star systems, players can build/customize their own ships, colonize worlds, battle other players for resources, trade, and much more.

“Space is far from being ‘the final frontier’; it’s just the beginning,” says James Hicks, founder and CEO of Fluffy Kitten Studios. “Technology has allowed me to build a massive world literally on my own—an entire universe filled with 200 billion stars, planets, space stations, and other celestial bodies.”

Ascent On The Hunt For Early Access

The game is also available on Steam Greenlight and seeking supportAscent: The Space Game has already earned about 3,000 votes on Steam Greenlight. The game needs an additional 5,000 votes to make sure that the project will become available on Steam Early Access.

Ascent: The Space Game is free to download and doesn’t require a subscription.