Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 Review: For the Greater Good

In the thirteenth episode of Nobunaga the Fool there is surprisingly less drama than I thought there would be. It seemed like there was going to be way more based on what the preview from last episode showed. After all the action in previous episodes, this one serves to set the scene for more battles and possibly a change of scenery in the near future.

After the opening, the episode starts off with a sudden duel between Nobunaga and Mitsuhide. For whatever reason they are using real blades, rather than wood. This is odd as the duel between Nobu and Hideyoshi was done with wooden swords. Perhaps there was more to the duel than what was discussed in the episode but it is hard to say. Also, I imagine it must be difficult to have a sword fight while also having a debate on purpose. Yet somehow Nobu and Mitsu are able to do both at once.

ntf13_screenshot1So remember that large crack that appeared on the Star of the West? Well apparently that is actually caused by the ley lines on the planet, and for whatever reason they are ripping the planet apart. There isn’t much time left for the Star of the West, which gives the Knights of the Round Table motivation to act. King Arthur acknowledges that they don’t have much time left and that invasion of the Star of the East may in fact be necessary. Not only that but it would seem that the Round Table is divided in opinions on Caesar’s actions. The only question is: what side is Caesar on? Is he working with the Round Table still or is he changing allegiances and joining forces with Nobunaga? Perhaps that answer will come in the next episode or two.

Out of the blue, the Oda Clan and its allies have somehow managed to obtain some sort of device that interacts with the regalias and uses their powers to transform Himiko’s ship so that it can travel to the Star of the West. It was a little confusing to hear the characters talk about this device like they had always had it, as it hasn’t ever been seen before up to this point to my knowledge. I had the feeling that sooner or later the fight would be taken to the Star of the West, but I didn’t think that the planning for it would start so soon. I do feel bad for Himiko, as she tries so hard to earn Nobu’s affection but he doesn’t seem willing to give it to anyone.

ntf13_screenshot7If there was one thing I did predict, it was the interactions between Mitsu and Ichihime. There’s definitely some deeply buried feelings between these two. In different circumstances I could see these two becoming a couple, but the times and the situation mean that probably won’t happen. Mitsu promises to bury the comb Ichihime has if something happens to her. But what is the significance of the comb? Was it given to her by Mitsu or is there some deeper story behind it?

Mitsu got a lot of screen time in this episode, and that helped to develop his character further. He’s the kind of guy who hides his emotions, and that may cause trouble in the future if it already hasn’t. I wonder how things would’ve gone if Mitsu had talked to Ichihime sooner about his feelings for her. Of course, there is the question of if he even realized his feelings for her due to his focus on duty. However, given that the three female assassins who follow Ichihime everywhere happen to be under Mitsu’s command, that could be a sign of him partially realizing and acknowledging his feelings for her in a way that doesn’t require him to express it.

Two more members of the Round Table are stepping forward to travel to the Star of the East, but will they be joined by other members or it it going to be just these two? All I know is that there are certainly going to be many more battles in the future, and it’s very likely that sooner or later more characters are going to end up on the chopping block. It also seems like Jeanne is going to get herself into a bit of a pickle in the next episode, as there is a scene of a Grand War Armor holding her captive. I guess we will find out what that is all about in the next episode: The Empress.