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Chamber of Game: Age of Wonders III

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Triumph Studios
Release Date: 3/31/14


Beloved fantasy turn-based strategy franchise Age of Wonders finally saw its third installment release on March 31, and there was much rejoicing. While I continue my quest to protect the natural world from those tree-cutting dreadnoughts through the subtle art of ass kicking, I paused briefly to start up a fresh game and show off just how Age of Wonders III plays out for newcomers and returning veterans.

In our latest Chamber of Game video, Eric and Leviathyn’s Entertainment writer and fellow turn-based aficionado Chris check out the Random Map Generator, the bevy of hero choices and customization, and play a bit of the early game. We witness the awesome power of a Draconian armed with a rifle and wonder at how effective a boar is at liberating a refugee camp.

Age of Wonders III can be found on Steam and GoG. Our full review is coming soon and you can read Eric’s First Impressions.

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