New Xbox One System Updates Revealed

Microsoft has revealed a new batch of fresh features coming to Xbox One in the next planned system update.

The first feature has to do with the system’s Blu-ray player support, as it will have 50Hz video output support added for content recorded at 50Hz. The Blu-ray app will also receive the same updates.

The system’s controller and headset adapter will have their firmware updated to reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.

Finally, a silent reboot function will be available once the system updates, alongside an update on demand feature. Both these features will allow the system to automatically update when it’s in Instant On Mode. The Xbox One will return to standby once it fully updates. The major result of this is that players won’t have to power on their consoles after an update. A new option in the system settings menu will also allow players to take future updates once they’re available without waiting the system to do it on its own.

There’s no release date for the update but we should expect it to arrive soon.