InFamous Second Son Fan Kit Available – Get Wallpapers, Ringtones, Character Art And More!

Infamous Second Son developer Sucker Punch has released a free Fan Kit available for download on their website. Fans of the PS4 exclusive hit will find a plethora of goodies inside, including character art, wallpapers, and even the coveted Infamous Second Son ringtone available for all smart phone formats.

Official Fan Kit Listing:

2D Cutscene Images
Character Renders
Delsin’s beanie, tattoo, and karma rank renderings
DUP Branding Images
Delsin Ringtone

This free Fan Kit comes just days after parts 2 and 3 of the free Paper Trail DLC was released, and follows up on the fan centric giving mood that Sucker Punch seems to have been in lately.

If you’re a fan of Infamous Second Son, what are you waiting for! Download your completely free Fan Kit today.