Borderlands 2 Prequel Rumored To Release This Year

Borderlands 2 is set to receive a prequel game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year.

According to, the game will take place between Borderlands 1 and 2 and will be developed by 2K Australia in conjunction with Gearbox Software.

As per usual, there’ll be four characters to choose between for players, Athena The Gladiator, Wilhelm The Enforcer, Nisha The Lawbringer and Fragtrap, with the latter being a combat-ready version of Claptrap. All four are Borderlands 2’s antagonist’s, Handsome Jack, apprentices. The game will follow a younger version of Jack as he starts to make name for himself in pursuit of an alien artifact. The game’s settings will be Pandora’s moon Elpis and Hyperion’s giant H-shaped base, which was seen orbiting around Pandora in the 2nd game.

The game will also include some new weapons, one of which is a jetpack used to move around in a gravity-less Elpis. Oxygen will take an important role as a resource and players will have to manage their resources by looting “Ox-Kits”.

Gearbox Software has yet to confirm the existence of the game, so for now we’ll only have the Vita version of Borderlands 2 Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands to look forward to. Gearbox has also stated that Borderlands 3 isn’t in development. 

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