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Prometheus Sequel Gets Re-write and Release Date

Last week it was announced that Green Lantern scribe Michael Green will re-write the original draft for the Prometheus sequel. The news of the re-write has been announced alongside an official release date for the 4th of March. This news might upset some Alien fans as it appears we are a long way off from seeing Ridley Scott’s Xenomorph universe return.

It’s not necessarily bad news because too many high grossing films nowadays are too quick to jump on the sequel bandwagon, and end up risking creative storytelling for a rushed project.

On the other hand, whether the re-write is a good thing or not remains a mystery. Re-writes in the past have caused movies to become disjointed and contrived. You only have to look at last year’s World War Z that had multiple re-writes and ended up completely changing its final act, along with its setting moving from Moscow to Wales, leading to many complaints and forcing the director, Marc Forster, to quit the sequel. However, at least Ridley Scott is directing the Prometheus sequel, which will start shooting this fall, after his biblical epic Exodus wraps up.

Other reports suggest that Michael Green (who is also writing the Blade Runner sequel) took over from the original scribe, Jack Paglen because the producers wanted to up the terror and create a more horror-based film; with the wish of including multiple Fassbender androids. So it’s pretty safe to say that we might be seeing the notorious Weyland Yutani corporation (who create the androids) pop up again, along with the legendary Xenomorphs!

Michael Fassbender is set to return as the android, David.

Prometheus opened up in the summer of 2012 and raked in over 400 million dollars worldwide, at the same time getting nominated for an Oscar. So it is no surprise a sequel has been announced. Though Prometheus was a smarter than average Sci-Fi picture, the film was not without its critics. Many diehard fans of the original Alien were expecting the appearance of the Xenomorph – with the only one appearing as a tease at the end.

However, it was not just the lack of Xenomorphs that annoyed people – the booming soundtrack that took over from the quiet, eerie score of the first Alien, led many fans to see this as Ridley Scott going “too Hollywood” on us.

It’s all well and good for Ridley to want to go back to horror, but the overall problem with Prometheus was the fact that many questions were posed, with many left unanswered, in part, thanks to Damon Lindelof (Lost writer) who wrote the first film and made a similar re-write to what Green is doing now; but in Lindelof’s case he just wanted to create questions for people in case Prometheus was successful and then they could make a sequel that would answer the questions from the first. So hopefully Michael Green is not only putting the scares in, but actually tying up the loose ends left by Lindelof.

The question posed in the film but never answered was:  Where does human life come from?  This question blatantly set up the sequel for Elizabeth and the android David to try to discover the reason why the engineers (who supposedly created mankind) tried to kill the humans in the film. However, one deleted scene from Prometheus (if included into the theatrical release) might have cleared up where exactly the sequel was heading. Click below to view:

Where David mentions “Paradise” this is supposed to be the planet where we were created; but if this is going to be a horror film then “Paradise” might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Official reports suggest that both Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth) and Fassbender (David) are back on board for the sequel, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully Scott can redeem himself after his 2013 flop The Counsellor, and craft another Sci-Fi horror that can hold up to his 1979 masterpiece Alien, while tying up the loose ends left by Prometheus.

For fans of James Cameron’s Alien sequel, Aliens – don’t bank on the sudden appearance of gun toting space marines. Otherwise, for some fans it truly will be “Game over man!”

Let me know below whether you think the Prometheus sequel is worth the time and money.

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