running with rifles fatured

First Impressions: RUNNING WITH RIFLES

Platform: Windows PC 
Developer: Modulaatio Games 
Publisher: Modulaatio Games
Release Date: Mar 13, 2014 (Early Access)


It is very hard to describe RUNNING WITH RIFLES other than chaotic fun. This is a unique game and was just released for Steam Early Access. With the price of $10, I would strongly recommend players at least check out RUNNING WITH RIFLES as it already has a lot to offer gamers. Also be sure to check out our recorded gameplay video below.

The best way to describe the gameplay for RUNNING WITH RIFLES is to imagine two ocean waves crashing into each other as they each fight for field control. There are an insane amount of troops to fight with up to 800 troops that can fight in a single battle. Also, this is a game where teamwork is important and being a lone soldier won’t do much good.

I should also warn you that you will die like a lot as it pretty much one-shot one-kill, and grenades have a much bigger kill radius then you would think. The good thing is that you get right back in the action once you die by simply pressing the space button. In order to survive, you must make use of any cover that is near you. If you expect to live long, clinging to walls and moving from rock to rock is imperative. You will also develop good situational awareness as you have to pay attention for when a grenade is thrown and knowing when the enemy is trying to flank you at all times.

4unning with rifles 2

There will always be teammates that will be in need of revival.


What I like about RUNNING WITH RIFLES is how it is a good combination of being a run-n-gun shooter and a tactical third person shooter, with instances of relying on reflexes to situations where you have to plan every step.

The main point of each battle is to capture strategic points over the map. Each map has multiple camps or buildings that have to be captured in order for your faction to be victorious. Like in most shooters you capture a point by killing all of the enemy soldiers in the area and staying there until it goes over to your side.  However due to the size of the maps and the number of soldiers there will be battles at nearly every point, and multiple strategies to gain control of the battlefield.

As you battle and rack up kills, you will gain experience points that will allow you to rank up. You will start off as a private with no abilities but by the end you will become a captain with the ability to command individual troops and call in air strikes. Also as you gain experience points you will be able to use more advanced weaponry as well – sniper rifles and RPGs once you hit the requisite amount of experience.

running with rifles 1

Battles in city streets can get quite chaotic.

I have had a lot of fun playing RUNNING WITH RIFLES and so far there is a lot going for this game. The pacing is great as there is always something to do with attacking or defending different strategic points across the whole map. Another big plus is that dying isn’t frustrating; for the time that I have been playing I really haven’t gotten mad when I have died and instead am more focused on getting back into the fight and the fun.

Even though RUNNING WITH RIFLES is still an Early Access games I am very impressed with the amount of maps that are available for play. There are eight maps to battle on and each offer a unique playing experience. Maps range from fairly linear experiences fighting through trenches to having a map that is completely open, and you have to choose which spot to attack or defend. RUNNING WITH RIFLES offers a unique playing experience that I have not really seen before.