Will We See a Frozen Appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3?

It is impossible to avoid the evolution of video games, movies, TV shows, and all media and entertainment alike. When a known developer such as Square Enix is known for releasing huge triple A titles such as Final Fantasy, the newly added Bravely Default, and Kingdom Hearts, the consumer wants to stay true to the original roots while having some sense of evolution with graphics, gameplay, and characters.

When one thinks of Final Fantasy, some of the most iconic characters come to mind, such as Vivi Ornitier, Cloud Strife, and Sephiroth, who are more or less the faces of the franchise. As more titles are released we are introduced to new characters, stories, and gameplay which can either make the player feel less attached or more connected to the game. The same goes for Kingdom Hearts. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are only a few of the main characters that one can identify with the Kingdom Hearts series. Some might draw parallels with Kingdom Hearts by saying that it is like Final Fantasy with action combat and Disney Characters.

Since the original Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002, we’ve seen a returning cast of all the same well known characters and villains in the last 11 titles on various consoles and handhelds with the official Kingdom Hearts 3 in progress for the next-gen systems. The avid Kingdom Hearts players want to see some of the main characters stick around, while gaining some major additions that will twist things up. Frozen would be a perfect addition for the game by adding a world made of ice with Elsa, the Queen who has magical ice powers and (like in the movie) would need to learn how to handle and keep them under control.


Look at that! They are best friends already. Where’s Olaf?!

Disney has huge impacts on the animated movie industry and are busier than ever as it continues to grow at an incredibly fast pace, introducing new movies left and right with award winning titles like Frozen. With new Disney titles taking off like rockets, it would be a letdown if we didn’t see some of these new and much-loved characters make an appearance in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 release. To this day, we see Frozen rocking a solid world wide achievement of over $1 Billion, becoming one of the highest grossing animated movies of all time. Numbers make a statement, and the people have spoken. Disney’s Frozen was a remarkable success and if Square Enix decides to skip over Elsa, Olaf, or any of the other characters they would be missing out on a huge opportunity to make Kingdom Hearts 3 really shine.

With a variety of worlds in the previous Kingdom Hearts titles such as Agrabah where we joined Aladdin, as well as Atlantica where Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy turned into sea creatures in order to swim and survive under water with Ariel and her friends, I would venture to say we will probably see an entire world set in the kingdom of Arendelle. I would bet that we will have to defeat the Abominable Snowman in order to get Elsa up in the crystal ice castle in the mountains, before returning down to the castle to meet up with Olaf and friends and taking down the villainous Prince Hans. I can certainly imagine that Sora, Donald, and Goofy having traditional prince garb as well to fit the scenery, just like they turned into sea creatures in Atlantica.

"FROZEN" (Pictured) MARSHMALLOW. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

– “Is this the end?” – Xaldin (KH2
– “No WAAAAAY! AAAAAHHHHH!!!” – Demyx (KH2)

So, Will we see a Frozen appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3? KH3 uses a new game engine to further match the unique styles of the various Disney films that will be appearing in the game, which makes it seem like Square Enix is preparing to utilize the newest power of the PS4’s and Xbox One’s hardware. New and advanced technology opens new doors for better, faster, and stronger gaming. Who would you want to see make a first appearance in the upcoming title? Robin Hood would be a good fit as he is able to fight, use his bow, and be very crafty in the heat of battle but that would so mean Merida from Brave could be a better replacement. Meshing Pixar and Disney wouldn’t be a bad idea, as it would give them a few more opportunities to add more to the game.

Square Enix might have a trick or two up their sleeves, and this needs to be one of them. After all, we do know that Olaf likes warm hugs, and what better way to give that to him than by introducing him to the loving arms of the Kingdom Hearts cast?