Nobunaga the Fool Episode 12 Review: Cultural Tea Party

After the previous episode, I had thought that this next episode would have a one on one duel between Nobu and Caesar. However, that is not the case as the Tea Party suggested by Nobu is actually a tea ceremony between the two forces. Terms are discussed, sacrifices are made, but this only leads to further problems down the road.

A lot of this episode focuses on preparation for the tea ceremony along with the actual ceremony. It is certainly a tense tea ceremony as both sides have their forces ready to attack at a moment’s notice. I thought some sort of violence would take place during the ceremony, but that wasn’t the case. Although it is probably for the best that there may be no further violence, as the previous battle was absolutely devastating for the Oda Clan. Even Nobu acknowledges the fact that the severity of the fighting could very well have destroyed the Star of the East if it had continued.

ntf12_screenshot3One of my favorite parts of this episode was where Nobu and his sister sit near a small fire and talk to one another. So far there hasn’t been many scenes where it was just these two characters alone and interacting, and it was nice to see these two and how they act around one another as siblings. It was clear that they were certainly close, and it also helped to provide foreshadowing for something that happens later on in the episode involving Ichihime.

Surprisingly, there is a scene with Julius Caesar that is highly informative about his motivations and his plans. It would appear that Caesar hopes to have Nobu become his ally. Apparently there is bad blood between Caesar and Alexander, whom is another member of the Knights of the Round Table. Alexander is the guy in armor with blonde hair, and is likely based off of the historical Alexander. It isn’t explained as to why Caesar seeks to one up Alexander, but I imagine more details about that will come up in the future.

ntf12_screenshot6I’ve noticed that characters always draw a card from Leonardo’s deck from the same exact spot every time. It is always in the middle of the deck for some reason, and I wonder why that is. I imagine it may be easier to animate the character pulling from the middle but it seems odd for every character to pull from the same spot. Once again Jeanne draws a card, this time it is The Fool. At first it is believed that the card is referring to Nobunaga, but that isn’t the case at the end of the episode.

It was amusing to see Caesar and Nobu sitting face to face during the tea ceremony, especially with how Caesar reacted to the whole event. It also showed how casual Nobu is in terms of tradition and custom when allowing Caesar to adjust his position so that he could reach the Bowl of Emptiness and drink from it. Of course after the procedure is over, the two of them begin to discuss terms. Caesar makes some surprising promises, including protecting the people of the Oda Clan. It is also revealed that King Arthur is supposedly the Savior King even though Nobu is also believed to be the Savior King according to Jeanne.

ntf12_screenshot9Again Caesar brings up the fact that King Arthur plans to use the Holy Grail to save the two stars from destruction, but until now it hasn’t been clear as to what they were referring to by destruction as there has never been any clear sign of any possible threat. That is, until the end of the episode when a massive red crack appears across the Star of the West. So what does that mean? Is there some sort of build up of energy in the ley lines that will eventually destroy both worlds?

I had predicted that Ichihime would have an important role in this episode, and I was correct. Not only does she serve as the host of the tea ceremony, but she also agrees to one of Caesar’s demands so that she can ensure the protection and safety of her people. Caesar is infatuated with her and asks for her hand in marriage, and she accepts it. Although Mitsu is not pleased about this at all.

For the next episode I imagine that there is going to be some drama between Ichihime and Mitsu as there appears to be something between them. Not only that but I imagine that there will be more information on the mysterious red crack that appeared on the Star of the West. Only time will tell.