Amazon Hires Portal And Farcry Designers

Following Amazon’s announcement of the Fire TV, a streaming set-top box and game console, the company has also confirmed that it has hired Portal designer Kim Swift and Farcry 2 designer Clint Hocking. The two industry veterans will work at Amazon Game Studios. The two designers confirmed their move on their LinkedIn profiles, with Kotaku also reporting the news with cited sources.

Swift helped create Valve’s acclaimed puzzle-action game Portal and most recently worked at Airtight Games on the Ouya-exclusive Soul Fjord. She will take up the position as senior designer at Amazon. Hocking spend time with big-name studios such as Ubisoft, LucasArts, and Valve. He will take up the position as a senior game designer. It hasn’t been revealed yet as to what both are working on.

Amazon also acquired an entire studio, Double Helix Games, so it’s clear that Amazon has every intention of making a name for itself in the video game industry.

The Amazon Fire TV is currently available for shipping and will cost $99.99 without the Fire controller that is required to play games. The controller costs $39.99.