Twitch Integration On Xbox One A Resounding Success In Its First Month

A recent blog post from Twitch revealed some amazing statistics about the recent integration of Xbox One and Twitch, explaining how very successful the launch of the Twitch broadcasting capability has been for the system and website.

On the first full day of availability, 30 percent of the broadcasters on Twitch were streaming directly from Xbox One. Over the course of the first week, more than 108 thousand unique broadcasters had streamed from the system, making up for more than a fifth of the broadcaster base. The most broadcast game on the console has been Titanfall, which comes as little surprise, and more than 10 million minutes of the game have been broadcast from the Xbox One alone.

“Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into ensuring their Twitch integration would be a robust experience, and based on the amount of Xbox One owners streaming from their living rooms, the move paid off,” said Twitch COO Kevin Lin. “It’s fun to see the way the Twitch community has embraced Xbox One. The rate of adoption for our console integrations has elevated our role in the entertainment industry. People go to Hulu to watch TV, Netflix to watch movies, and now they go to Twitch to watch and broadcast video games. We are really fortunate for such a passionate and progressive community who has made this all possible.”

At the time of writing, however, the highest viewed Xbox One channel was streaming Titanfall with only 54 viewers. It will be interesting to see the lasting impact of the consoles on the livestream crowd.