Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2 Just Announced?

It looks like Ubisoft may pull another Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon this April Fool’s day. In a recent tweet by Blood Dragon creative director Dean Evans, he is shown posing with a vinyl record of Blood Dragon along with a desktop wallpaper showing off Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2. Evans then followed up with another tweet using the #vietnamwar2.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was announced last April Fool’s, so Ubisoft could be repeating itself to throw off the gaming press. Players were a “Mark IV Cyber Commando” named Sergeant Rex Power Colt, who was voiced by real-life action star Michael Biehn. Biehn has spoiled talks about making a sequel to the game. The game basically looked like 80’s action films met neon colors and had a baby. The game feature the action from Far Cry 3 but added a little self aware humor.

While Evan’s picture is to promote the vinyl release of Powerglove’s soundtrack to the original Blood Dragon for Record Store Day, it is interesting to see Ubisoft tease the gaming public again.

Today is April Fool’s so take everything with a grain of salt but miracles have happened on this day. Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2, Manchester United 0, has not yet been confirmed. The original Blood Dragon had numerous positive reviews and very strong sales. Here’s to hoping for more Blood Dragon!