Big Finish Games Releases the Most Epic Tesla Effect Trailer Yet

Big Finish Games has done some impressive things over the past year to promote their upcoming game Tesla Effecta post-apocalyptic noir adventure game featuring live-action actors. They’ve released some pretty awesome trailers, including one trailer that was a staggering eight minutes long. And they recently let slip the intriguing news that the game would be playable in 2K resolution.

But nothing they have done to this point can possibly compare, nothing can even come close to the awe-inspiring majesty of the trailer that they unleashed on an unsuspecting public today. After all the years of waiting and hoping to see a new Tex Murphy game, I didn’t think it was possible to be even more excited to play Tesla Effect. But the following 17-second clip did exactly that.

It is absolutely pure magic. If your excitement has reached a fever pitch, like mine has, there is some relief to be had. Tesla Effect now has pages on Steam and GOG.com, with a release date of April 22nd. And if you pre-order the game on GOG, you’ll get some great pre-order bonuses, like a copy of the game’s soundtrack and a free copy of one of the amazing previous Tex Murphy games (I highly recommend The Pandora Directive, but they’re all great sci-fi detective fun).

Update: The release date of April 22nd for Tesla Effect has been confirmed.