Origin Transitioning To Digital Download Only Starting April 4

A recent blog post by EA/Origin writer Craig Harris announced that the Origin game store would be transitioning to all digital starting April 4. The physical copies previously sold by the store will no longer be available for purchase after that date, and all games on the store will be solely PC and Mac downloads.

According to the post, 99% of Origin users have used the download feature over the physical copy purchases, and they insist that the shopping experience will not change for this vast majority of users.

The announcement simply states that Origin will no longer support the 1% of users that want a physical collection. It’s still likely that game stores will carry physical copies of EA titles, since not all systems have access to the internet all the time, if ever. “We’ll still be here when you transition your gaming habits to the wonders of digital downloads,” Harris says.

Concerns over this move were made in the comments about download speeds on Origin’s servers, though a good chunk of users also praised the move, with some not even aware of the fact Origin offers physical copies. “TIL Origin sells physical copies of games. Seriously, I had no idea,” said user ShucksYou. “So I approve of this, since nothing changes for me at all.”