Microsoft: “We Are In This To Win”

New Xbox head Phil Spencer admits both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have done exceptionally well commercially, but says, “that’s good for the business, but we’re in this to win.”

Spencer, while speaking with IGN, has stated that Xbox has a renewed, long-term focus on games for Xbox. “I’m honored to be chosen for this position, but you know what you get when you pick me, which is we’re going to lead this platform from a gaming point of view,” Spencer said.

“I want to make sure everything we have on the roadmap going forward makes us the best place for gamers.”

Spencer also discussed Microsoft’s plans for E3 this year, and stated that “last year’s E3 was a great games show. This year is going to be another really strong year for us on stage with games,” though Spencer didn’t specify what we should expect.

“In many ways our focus that we’ve had on E3 and the year ahead isn’t going to change,” Spencer clarified. “I believe we have a strong content lineup coming.”

Spencer reiterated that the plan is to be “winning at gaming,” with “no ambiguity about the most important part of the platform…. They picked me, and they knew what they were going to get.”

Spencer’s comments go in line with what the former head of Xbox, Marc Whitten, stated, as he envisioned a bright future for the brand with an exceptional software line-up in the near future.