5 Voice Actors We Wouldn’t Like to Meet in a Dark Alley

If you see a character laughing manically or just uncharacteristically smiling, then you know they are evil. If you have legions of fangirls (or dudes) wondering if your next character will morally aligned like your previous characters then you, the voice actor must be evil (or just very badly type casted).

Going off of a range of criteria such as influence, sound of the actor’s voice, characters and their dirty deeds, and the legacy they left behind, the following five voice actors are some of the best in the business of being evil. They are certainly not the only ones, but they are the most well-known.

Troy Baker

maxresdefault (2)

Troy Baker is singlehandedly attempting to take over the world video game industry. I think the fact he is in almost every damn game could be one of the defining reasons he as a voice actor is evil. Add in a pinch of a smoky voice, a dash of good looks, and one half of filmography laced with evil aligned characters and you have the perfect recipe for a evil-by-association voice actor. Long story short: where there is evil in a game or animated series, there is a chance Baker is playing some part

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman … 'I'm finally getting to traffic in my own face'

Barring his role as Clay Morrow, Ron Perlman has had his fair share of evil characters in his career. He’s (or I should say his characters) have been a sworn enemy of The Green Lantern Corps, a former king who possessed and almost killed a princess, and a henchman who tried to take an escaped kidnapped princess back to the woman who kidnapped her. Perlman has every evil character trope nailed down: thug, supervillian, and menacing narrator.

Tim Curry


This list wouldn’t be complete without the devious Tim Curry. His entire career is built upon evil characters from the timid to the grandiose. He was Forte in Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, trying to kill Beast and Belle with his music so the spell will never be broken and Hexxus in Fern Gully, which as children, either scared the living daylights out of us or heeded our Mother’s warned about the Rainforest. Oh, let’s not to mention he was Satan/Serpent in The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible. You really can’t get much eviler than that.

Vincent Price


Granted Vincent Price didn’t have many voice acting characters in his repertoire, but one of his evil characters who was a hit in our childhood was the ever scheming Ratigan (from The Great Mouse Detective). Ultimately known as the Grandfather of all that is dark and macabre, is a perfect fit to our list of evils. In his first horror film he helped the first 3D movie make top ten in North American box offices, played a part in many recreations of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, and spawned a slew of tributes and parodies about his life of horrific and evil characters. Where ever he or you may believe he is after death, I’m sure he is the devil to the guardian angels thanks to the evil characters he’s brought to life.

Simon Templeton


Simon Templeton’s characters have one of these shining traits that mark his name (and characters) as evil: killing someone you are close to, like a commander and confidant betraying his friend the king; torture someone you are close with, like a scientist torturing his Autistic brother in the name of science and understanding; or just pursuing and ignoring someone because they want to discover something and set humanity up for ascension (that pesky Clarke, what does he know?) . You know typical evil guy/insane fanatic stuff.  He also tends to voice a ton of vampires, who are not the teenage sparkly type. Last time I heard, most vampires are some sort of evil.


So next time you start throwing popcorn at your television screen because a character is set in his villainous ways, just be thankful they are fictional and the voice actors are the ones who personify them. In a booth. For long periods of time. Who haven’t heard or said anything but the same thing for the past six hours… Well, we really wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley either.  We’ll just wait for convention season.