Will We See an inFamous: Second Son 2?


The latest installment from Sucker Punch studios titled inFamous: Second Son takes us into a state of frenzy right away as we follow Delsin Rowe in Seattle, WA taking on the Department of Unified Protection (or D.U.P), who are containing and possibly even killing conduits. Delsin is on a mission to get revenge and save his grandmother Betty after Augustin, the leader of the D.U.P, impales her with a Concrete power that is slowly killing her.

In order to understand the series, how they made the sequel, and how a Second Son sequel is a possibility, let’s take a look back on the previous 2 titles in the inFamous series. If you haven’t played any of the titles there will be spoilers ahead.

When inFamous was released in 2009, we were introduced to Cole McGrath and the town of Empire City. He woke up finding that his beloved city was destroyed and learned that he was responsible. Realizing that he had obtained electric powers, he and his best bud Zeke decided to lay low for a while, as everyone in the city suspects that Cole is responsible for the devastation. Later, it was revealed that a mysterious object named the Ray Sphere caused a huge blast, activating everyone born with the special superpower conduit gene, while killing off everyone else in the surrounding area that is a non-conduit.


In a long twisted battle with the organization called the First Sons (who activated the Ray Sphere), we see a big twist that leaves a huge opening for inFamous 2 to be created. In Empire City, Cole has to take down 3 main forces in order to get his name cleared and to destroy the Ray Sphere. Standing in his way are Kessler, the leader of the First Sons, Sasha, who controls the Reapers with mind control, and Alden Tate, who guides the Dust People. When Zeke hands over the Ray Sphere to Kessler we begin and epic battle with Cole and Kessler and after the fight it is revealed that Kessler is Cole from the future. Future Cole explains that there is a giant monster named “The Beast” who has destroyed the world. While future Cole had the power to stop The Beast, he chose to flee with this wife and two kids instead. When The Beast kills his family, he uses his time travel powers to go back, take on the name Kessler, and speed up the creation of the Ray Sphere.

Exit Empire city after Cole runs in with The Beast and lost. Enter New Marais, where Cole must meet with a Ray Sphere Scientist working on a device called the Ray Sphere Inhibitor that will take the conduits’ powers away.

Cole runs through New Marais making allies and collecting blast shards, each one making him more powerful, eventually making himself powerful enough to use the Inhibitor to take down the beast. Joseph Beltran who runs The Militia in New Marais stands in Coles way. Agent Kuo and Nix both want revenge on Beltran and decide to team up with Cole to take him down. Cole then runs into a tough decision to make. Does he activate the Inhibitor and cure many people among the world while killing the conduits, or does Cole decide to skip it and fight the beast head on? After Cole activated the Inhibitor he cures many who have the plague caused by the Ray Sphere in the first place, and kills many of the conduits, including himself.

We exit the events of inFamous 2 and fast forward 7 years later in Seattle, WA where the Department of Unified Protection (or D.U.P. for short) is a military organization with the sole purpose to control, capture, and detain all conduits or, as they call them, Bio-Terrorists. Enter Delsin Rowe, who is an edgy street artist slumming through the streets of Seattle when all havoc is released after an activated conduit escapes the D.U.P. While Delsin pulls him out of the wreckage and tries to stop him, he soon realizes he is now a conduit after absorbing the smoke powers and memories of the conduit. Delsin goes through chasing other conduits in hopes to absorb their powers in order to defeat the leader of the D.U.P. Augustine, who has injured Delsin’s family. As they slowly are dying Delsin has only one option. He is on a quest to defeat and absorb Augustine’s powers to save his family. We escape the electricity and ice from Cole and are introduced to Smoke, Neon, Video, and Concrete powers for Delsin, which he obtains periodically throughout the game.


Many have asked, will we see a Second Son 2? Well, the story we received from inFamous: Second Son is not as complex or deep as inFamous 1 or 2, which makes for pretty slim chances of getting a sequel. However, don’t let that fool you. It is still very possible, as Delsin has only defeated the D.U.P. and drove them out of Seattle, WA, not the entire world or coastal states. Also take into consideration that conduits are now free to roam the world and explore their powers. Whether they use their powers for good, evil, or just don’t use them at all is entirely out of our hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sucker Punch decides to throw Delsin in a chase after a rogue conduit who is taking his powers and running a secret organization to run havoc in another city along the West Coastal line. Also, one must take into to account the Evil Karma ending. Delsin’s grandmother is disappointed and disgusted by him and shuts the door in his face. Mad, Delsin decides to do a comet drop on the home and kill her and destroy everything around. That leaves quite a few doors open, as Delsin could go off rogue, angry at himself and the world and causing issues once again in Seattle or another coastal state.

Sucker Punch has definitely knocked Second Son out of the park with graphics, new powers and characters, and setting the game in Seattle. What could be next from SP? Time will tell.

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