Wii Games You Never Played: Boogie



Oh Jeez… Oh Gosh… and so begins the most regrettable saga in our lives. We will be playing all those random Wii games that received no fanfare on release and flew under most peoples radars. Some will be good, some will be bad, in fact most will be bad. So if you enjoy watching two English idiots going through what can only be described as psychological torture, then please check back every week for Wii Games You Never Played!

For out inaugural outing, Joe and I play the single greatest rhythm game ever made: Boogie. So great that it actually gets its own rhythm wrong (watch the video to understand. What follows is a master-class in: offensive jokes, bad singing and irate Brits. Please, if you ever see EA’s boogie in a bargain bin, never EVER pick it up. For your sanity. Please Enjoy, we sure didn’t.

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