The Trailer Report – 3/28/14

Hello, all you movie watchers out there! Welcome to The Trailer Report, where we’ll break down all of the week’s biggest movie and TV trailers, and try our best to answer the ultimate question for all trailers: Does it look good?

This week we’ve got X-Men, fake cops, exploding trains, eco-terrorists, and two very different sets of alien invasions.

Let’s get started:


Edge of Tomorrow

A solider in a war against invading aliens finds himself reliving the same day over and over: the day he dies in battle.

Does it look good? Certainly does look cool. First off, taking the central concept behind Groundhog Day and applying it to action sci-fi is like chocolate and peanut butter, and I can’t believe it hadn’t occurred to anyone before, (has it? correct me if I’m wrong.) And I kind of love how pragmatic Emily Blunt’s character seems to take all this, almost seeming blasé about the prospect of committing suicide to “reset.” The action looks solid, if a little CG heavy, though there is precious little to glean about the actual aliens in the film. Overall, I’m pretty well sold.


Jupiter Ascending

A young woman finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic war when she is discovered to be some form of interstellar royalty.

Does it look good? Hmm, maybe. Of the two alien action movies here, this is definitely the more out there of the two. It’s definitely loud and colorful, with a lot of neat effects going on all at once. It’s The Wachowski’s, so it’ll definitely have their signature glossy aesthetic. What worries me most are the leads; Channing Tatum has proven himself a capable comedy straight man, but has never been anything more than one-note is his dramatic roles, and Mila Kunis has about the same track record. So for both of them to be in these heavy, serious roles looks awkward on them here, and I can’t imagine that will get better in the theater. I’m curious, but hesitant.


Last Passenger

A group of passengers on a train must uncover a mystery before it destroys the train with them on it.

Does it look good? Sort of. One of the blurbs describes it as “Neo-Hitchcockian,” which I suppose I can see. It’s a bottle movie with elements of survival thriller and mystery, which is always fun. I can’t help get the nagging feeling that it feels a little cheap, though. I suppose the cheap looking effects don’t help, but it’s not just that. I think it’s the fact that this trailer seems to focus on one specific sequence (revolving around light on the cars on fire) so I’m left wondering what’s going to be going on in the rest of the movie.


Let’s Be Cops

Two 30 year old slackers decide to fake being cops for fun and profit.

Does it look good? Surprisingly so, yes. I was immediately down on this idea, and the trailer doesn’t really ramp up and get funny until about a minute in when the concept comes in, but at that point it really does get funny. Looks like the two leads (that dude from Happy Ending and that dude from The New Girl, respectively) are really enjoying themselves and they seem to have a solid chemistry from what little we can see. I’d be willing to bet that this one comes out as one of the funnier of the summer.


Night Moves

Three extreme environmental activists plan to blow up a dam, until the stress of the situation begins to take it’s toll.

Does it look good? Also possibly. Looks like a quietly tense, slow burn type of thriller. I like the idea of following people about to do bad things have the weight of it slowly come down on them, and the whole environmental movement is as topical a place to do that now as any. I’m concerned with just how slow this will end up being though; if we spend enough time getting inside these people’s heads then I’m all for it, but if we’re subjected to endless shots of them staring at their hands or trees or whatever then I’ll be disappointed.


X-Men: Days Of Future Past

The X-Men of the future must convince the X-Men of the past to eliminate a threat waiting to destroy them all.

Does it look good? Oh, hells yes. I’ll admit to having a soft spot in my heart for the X-Men, despite their spotty cinematic history; for the record; 2, 1, and First Class, in that order, the rest are bad. So combining the director and cast of 1 & 2 with the cast of First Class within a story from one of the more renowned comic book plots, and  you’ve already got a great setup for me. The trailer has got plenty of “Hell Yeah” moments, Iceman on his slide and Magneto flying with Sentinels being my favorites. I’m slightly concerned about character overload, but I trust Singer will handle that well, he has in the past. All that’s left now is to predict what the best comic book movie of the summer will be, this or Captain America. I’m waffling.


That’s it for this week. Let me know in the comments which of these you’re most excited about, and which ones you want nothing to do with.

Until next week!