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Under the Radar: Chaos Reborn — Magical Mayhem For All

War. War never changes. Which makes it surprising that chaos, which often seems to be tied into the nit-and-grit of warfare, is something that never stays the same for long enough for someone to complain.

Not that I’m complaining when chaos applies itself to video games. Chaotic games tend to be some of the most fun in the world; with their zany, off-kilter antics that pad the gameplay so well people can’t even tell they’ve done the same thing for the past 5 hours. Just take Magicka for example: the plot and enemies were all carefully crafted alibis so players could unleash a meteor at the back of their friends’ skulls. It often turned into mindless carnage – chaos incarnate. It often turned into a thing of utter bliss. So chaos is very welcome in my camp, which is very good news for Chaos Reborn, another wizard game making the rounds on Kickstarter.

Was only Chaos Reborn? Does that mean Law is beating up a baby?

Chaos Reborn is a re-imagining of the original Chaos game from 1985, a game where wizards do wizardy things in order to wave their magical trophies in the faces of their rivals. You know, normal wizard stuff. Both the original Chaos and the Kickstarter reboot, Chaos Reborn, have the steady hand of Julian Gollop to guide them. Julian was also a designer/programmer for the original X-COM: Enemy Unknown (not the newer one by Firaxis) so it stands to reason that his development pedigree is a decent reason that the campaign is chugging along so swimmingly. Or it could just be that the idea is a lot of fun.

I’m finding myself leaning towards the latter choice.

All graphics are simply placeholders, though I would like to crush someone with a jolly, green giant.

All graphics are simply placeholders, though I would like to crush someone with a jolly, green giant.

Players will find themselves in a control of wizard as he fights against other wizard players with a host of magic spells to toss and hosts of creatures to summon, from giants and dragons to dwarves and goblins. The combat is very, let’s say, “influential.” What spells a wizard casts has a chance to affect how the 3-leveled terrain is transformed by the powers of Law and Chaos, which affects the performance of various monsters that might be aligned to either Law or Chaos. There is so much to think about when plotting the destruction of your enemies. Which makes the base combat all the sweeter: as of now, those percentages you might see in images are not just hit chance percentages, they are death chance percentages. Combat in Chaos Reborn is a simple when it comes to 1-to-1 interactions; something either dies or it does not. There is no health stat to juggle.

There are concessions made because that percentage is calculated by the attacker’s strength and the defender’s…defense. So a tiny goblin might have a very small chance to actually kill that dragon that just ate three of his friends. But the fun in Chaos Reborn (or the agony, if it’s your dragon) will be those few times when your goblin actually kills the dragon.

Add multiplayer havoc and plans for both co-operative and single-player options and Chaos Reborn is the running to be my new favorite thing (an illustrious award). This is a game that definitely should not be left Under the Radar.

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