GameStop To Open 400 Tech Stores This Year

GameStop has announced that they will be opening 400 tech stores across the country, resulting in them investing about $40 million into these stores.

In an article by gamesindustry, GameStop already has a few tech stores. These stores brought in about $63 million in revenue. These tech stores will sell tech hardware, like phones and tablets, along with video games. These stores will be opening before the next fiscal year, so expect them before April 2015.

GameStop has a few stores already selling iPhones and other AT&T products. With these new products in stores, hopefully they can avoid raising prices on games.

“As we have gotten into the Apple relationship and the AT&T relationship, what we see is that those companies really need better and more sophisticated distribution that can present their products in appropriate ways,” said CEO Paul Raines. “There is a fragmented dealer base around the United States. We are a great way to go to market.”

The Dallas-based retailer closed 2 percent of its stores last fiscal year, even though it made a killing last holiday season. As a whole, GameStop cannot be making a bad move with this. With phones, tablets, headphones, and games will encourage more people to shop at GameStop instead of going to other retailers.