Dead Space Available On Origin For Free Through May 8, EA Promotion

EA has begun a new promotional campaign on Origin aimed at giving back to the gamers. One way they’ve started it is by making Dead Space free.

“We’re gamers, too,” says an FAQ on the promotion’s site. “We appreciate you making Origin your gaming home … and besides, who doesn’t like free stuff?”

The On the House promotion is offering the game for free through May 8 for anyone on Origin. Simply log into an Origin account and download the game. EA makes it clear that games in the promotion can be listed and unlisted at any time, however, implying more free games to come.

Dead Space 3 was recently offered as a free title to SimCity early adopters, and now the original game, released in 2008, can be grabbed with no more than a couple keystrokes and a click of the mouse.

Source: Eurogamer

(Ed. While EA’s heart may be in the right place, their comment about people making Origin their gaming home seems way out of the loop.)