1000 Licensed Developers To Self-Publish On PS4

Following Sony’s year-long list of software heading to PlayStation 4, (a system that has been selling quite well), which includes titles such as The Order: 1886, Destiny, and Watch_Dogs, it has revealed that a whopping 1000 developers are now licensed to self-publish on the PS4. This indicates that a heavy stream of titles will be heading to Sony’s new console in the near future.

Sony’s 100 game 2014 software list consists mostly of indie games such as The Witness and Rogue Legacy, and its the same case with the 1000 developers. Even though there is still a lack of triple-A titles on the PS4, both present and future, indie titles will be carrying the heaviest load when it comes to satisfying PS4 owners.

It has been a rough month for Sony and PlayStation, what with all the recent layoffs and talent departing Sony Worldwide Studios, which includes the likes of Uncharted 4 game director Justin Richmond and God of War 3 creative director Stig Asmussen. This recent announcement is supplying Sony a much needed change of tone and pace. Whether or not you like indie titles, Sony is still acknowledging their success in obvious fashion.