SNOW Update Out On Steam

SNOW, a snowboarding game currently on Steam Early Access, has released the M2 update today which brings an avalanche of new features to the game.

The game is made by Poppermost, and is available on Steam for $14.99. The game can be compared as a calmer version of SSX, and it’s cool to see a developer make a skiing game for the PC. Steam has been really helping small developers get their footing in the door of game making. With SNOW, Bear Simulator, and Goat SimulatorSteam will have a variety of awesome games this year. SNOW will be finished by the end of this year.

The major features of the update can be found below:

  • Ski trails
  • Ski particle effects
  • Jump anticipation animations
  • Event system
  • Alternative “Orbit” spawn camera
  • New animation system for the store
  • Leaderboards are now stored per level and can be accessed via the level menu
  • Added “Invite friends” tile to the lobby screen
  • Reworked tiled UI implementation and added support for dynamic tiles
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.5.7
  • Actionmaps are now synched using Steam Cloud
  • The game is no longer paused when opening the main menu (Player is frozen instead)
  • Optimized vegetation
  • “Play” menu is now replaced with the “Pause” menu when in-game
  • Redesigned intro screen
The update also gives more customization options for players.

The update also gives more customization options for players.