Killer Instinct Now With Iron Galaxy Studios, Fulgore Coming April 9

In the wake of Amazon’s purchase of Double Helix Games, the developer responsible for rebooting Killer Instinct on the Xbox One, Microsoft has brought on Iron Galaxy to continue working on Killer Instinct. Double Helix will finish up Season 1 of Killer Instinct with the release of Fulgore on April 9, and Iron Galaxy will take the reins for Season 2.

The release of Fulgore, the 8th and final character of Season 1, is part of the update that will bring Arcade mode, online lobbies, and spectator functionality.


In an interview with Polygon, Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang expressed great excitement over the new project. “This is an amazing opportunity to work on a game and a genre we are super passionate about,” Lang says.

Lang also assuaged fears that Iron Galaxy might change too much of Double Helix’s original vision of the game. “If we were going to work on this game and go, ‘Oh, we want to change everything,’ if we were in that position, it’d be a mess. I’m not sure if we would have taken the gig,” Lang says. “What they have is not [broken]. What they have is amazing, and it’s good, and we just want to layer new stuff on top of that that keeps the pace intact.”

Iron Galaxy is well-versed in the field of fighting games, having made games like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online and Darkstalkers Resurrection. Perhaps its most famous game is Divekick, an ingenious 2 button fighting game that is accessible to newcomers while offering plenty of nuance for fighting game enthusiasts.