Jonathan Blow’s The Witness Gets Gorgeous New Screenshots

Jonathan Blow, creator of the indie puzzler hit Braid (one of our 50 greatest games of all time), is hard at work on his new title The Witness.  While an official release date is still eluding us (although signs have pointed to a 2014 release), Blow has slowly pulled the curtain back a little at a time to keep us interested (like we needed it).

Most recently, this set of ridiculously gorgeous screenshots was released on the official The Witness blog. These are PDF files, and can be found by clicking here. Trust me, you will want to see these, because they showcase what makes The Witness so engaging to look at: bright colors, unique aesthetics and an eye for form and function. More interestingly though, you can see some of the art guidelines that governed the game.

If you are as excited as we are, these shots are a must see.  The Witness will be coming to PC hopefully soon, and will be self-published on PS4 as well.