Leviacast #56 – Is Virtual Reality the future of gaming?

This week on the Leviacast Cassidee, Aaron, and Jason weigh the potential of having to wear screens strapped to their faces to play video games, discuss the brilliance of Escape Goat 2, and find time to debate women’s rights in 2010.

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  1. infestedandy

    Your hate of Trip is absolutely baffling. If anything, she’s regarded as one of the stronger, more respected female co-leads of last generation.

    Trip is the kind of character you couldn’t hate more at Enslaved’s onset, but quickly grows into a respected, empathetic protagonist you love; it’s part of her story.

    How far did you get in Enslaved? Chapter 2? From your description, it doesn’t sound like much, which would indicate another reason why you don’t like her. Still, Trip is far from useless and doesn’t suffer from glaringly broken AI like you were claiming. Trip is part of the gameplay, someone you need to protect but not to the point of babysitting ala the wondrous escort quests of the MMO age. She gets out of the way and lets Monkey do the heavy lifting, but there are times when the machines target her and you need to stop them. This could get long, so I’m not going to sit here and counterpoint everything you said in the podcast; you are entitled to your opinion after all.

    There’s nothing wrong with a character who can’t defend herself properly. It doesn’t make her useless and it doesn’t depict women in a pathetic light. Trip escaped into a world she couldn’t survive in alone and with someone as agile and strong as Monkey, that was her ticket out of there. With the exception of a couple of the starting encounters, Trip hardly gets in the way of Monkey’s antics and provides several key abilities that augment the combat – sometimes even the platforming bits. She’s highly useful and Monkey would die without her supporting role, period.

    Disgusting is a very strong word to use for something like this. I suggest going back and giving the game a chance without looking too critically into Trip’s opening narrative. Let it play out and if you still don’t like what you see, stop. Just know that you’re almost alone on this issue with Enslaved. The narrative is one of the game’s best features.

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