Xbox One Sales: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Conventionally, it would be worrisome when your main competitor’s product is greatly outselling yours, but for Microsoft, there’s no need for concern just yet.

Sony’s Playstation 4 sales recently hit 6 million. This kind of success for a games console is unprecedented and is generally good news for the gaming world as a whole. However, there’s one group of people whom you wouldn’t expect to be so over the moon about this news: Microsoft.

The last time we heard, the Xbox One sales were at 3.9 million units, but it must be noted that this was prior to the price cut in the UK and the launch of Titanfall, so it wouldn’t be outlandish to now speculate that sales are closer to the 4.5-5 million mark. Under normal circumstances, sales figures such as these would be cause for some degree of panic. But once you examine the landscape in more detail, you would find that the future is still bright for the Xbox crew.

Following the release of Titanfall, sales of the Xbox One increased by 96% here in Great Britain, with 70% of those consoles being the Titanfall bundles. While we don’t know how many consoles this actually means, almost doubling your sales is clearly good news. It was also announced that the Xbox One has outsold the Playstation 4 in the UK for the past four weeks. So, to sum up the current state of Xbox in the UK: things are looking up!

Phil Harrison, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, called the sales race between Xbox and Playstation a “marathon, not a sprint.” Truth be told, this statement sounds slightly negative, but it’s fundamentally correct. These consoles are going to be around for the next 8-10 years. They’re going to see a myriad of price points, bundles and versions. To suggest that the Xbox One has so far been a failure – or anything close to that – is insanity. Harrison also suggested that the Xbox One has a big E3 planned, and if they can show more of already promising games such as Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break as well as announcing some seriously exciting new titles, then the outlook for Xbox will no doubt improve tenfold.

There’s also one extremely important factor that people blatantly ignore when talking about and comparing the sales of both consoles: the number of territories they’re available in. Sony’s console is currently available in 50 different territories whereas the Xbox One is available in just 13. While these territories will vary in size, success and importance, one really has to see this and realise that Sony aren’t actually destroying Microsoft. The Xbox One is launching in a further 26 territories this September, which will bring the total number of territories to 39. This is where closer inspection helps bring clarity to the situation. The mere fact that Microsoft’s sales are anywhere near that of Sony’s with a more expensive console, which is available in only 26% of the markets of that of their competitor, is somewhat astounding.

What does this all actually mean then? Well, it illustrates that there’s very little to worry about. The Xbox One is selling well. It’s coming to a load of new markets this year, which will triple the territories in which it is being sold and there are a slew of big titles and announcements coming this summer.

The future’s bright for the Xbox, even if it may have gotten off to a slow start.