Nobunaga the Fool Episode 11 Review: The Flames of War

As expected, the war between Caesar and Nobunaga rages on in this episode. While it seemed like the good guys were going to triumph in this episode, some flawed storytelling causes this episode to end rather grimly.

Surprisingly, Caesar doesn’t seem particularly mad at Brutus about the loss of one of the new Grand War Armors. Instead, Caesar confides his plans in Brutus, as Brutus knows him well enough to know what he’s thinking. Caesar even admits that Brutus is the only one he completely trusts, well we will see how long that will last.

ntf11_screenshot1As with every episode, a character draws a card from Leonardo’s deck of magic cards. Although Jeanne grabbing the card before Nobu could was rather amusing, perhaps she wants to keep her streak of drawing the most cards out of any of the characters whom have had a chance to do so? The card this time is Death, and it is an appropriate one given the events that occur later on in the episode.

Looking back at the start of this series, the Oda Clan was not in a good place. They were one of the weaker clans on the Star of the East, and were surrounded by enemies. It’s amazing what getting a couple of Grand War Armors used by pilots that have regalias can do to change that. Apparently there are other territories that are clamoring to become allies with the Oda Clan, which I’m sure pleases Nobunaga. Only question is how long will it take before they get some allies from the other clans in all the countless battles to come.

ntf11_screenshot8At one point in the episode they have a narrator and colorful map completely skip over the start of the battle and then take the viewer back in medias res. It seemed like an odd thing to do as so far the series has never done that before, but I guess they wanted to skip over a few things for the sake of advancing the story. This is where a plan is formed to deal with Caesar, as he is far from an average foe. They come up with a brilliant plan and it actually works. I was surprised, as I figured even Caesar would know of the one weakness his weapon has, the recharge time.

Of course that immediately brings us to the biggest problem with this episode. The massive deus ex machina that Caesar pulls out of his pocket. When Caesar is cornered, he and his Grand War Armor somehow go super saiyan and Caesar equips a massive gun. Where this gun came from or how he suddenly started glowing and was granted power was poorly explained how? It was a dragon that granted him this boon of power. What? Seriously? Why would this supposed dragon or entity suddenly side with Caesar? Not only that but this gun is ridiculously powerful and blasts a beam of energy that would likely destroy anything caught in it. At the very least, Caesar declaring “Vini, Vidi, Vici” was a nice historical touch.

ntf11_screenshot11I said that death was a fitting name for this episode, and after Jeanne attempted to block the massive death beam, it becomes clear why. While saving Nobu and Hideyoshi, Jeanne causes the blast to fragment and scatter all over the Oda Castle. The blasts severely damage the castle and town while also killing countless civilians and soldiers in the blink of an eye. Also, what is with the creepy keebler elf rejects that follow Caesar around and laugh in merriment at the sight of fire and dead people? Why are they here in this mix of characters based on historical figures?

The situation looks grim at the end of the episode, with Caesar declaring that further combat is pointless and that Nobunaga should surrender at once. Of course, Nobu is not exactly one to surrender no matter what the situation is. So he suggests a ‘Tea Party’ in order to settle the score once and for all. By ‘Tea Party’ I’m fairly certain that he means some sort of duel to the death in another episode or two. Probably won’t be the next episode as the preview didn’t show any fighting between Caesar and Nobunaga. Although it looks like Ichihime might play a big roll in the next episode if the preview is to be believed. We’ll find out next week though, so check back then to see what will happen next.