Marc Whitten Promises A Bright Future For Xbox

Despite Marc Whitten leaving Microsoft and the Xbox One team after fourteen years at the company, he’s still promising an exciting future for Xbox One.

Speaking during the latest episode of Major Nelson Radio, Whitten explained that the company is only starting to build towards its true vision for its new console, and has teased a pipeline of new features for the system in the future.

“Part of what’s awesome to me right now is I think you’re starting to see what Xbox One can become,” he explained. “So much for us was around, ‘Hey, let’s build this architecture that we could rev quickly, that we could add to, that was flexible, that would allow us to do more things and do more things quickly.’

“It’s a great time to be on Xbox… and it’s just beginning,” Whitten concluded by saying. “There’s so many things. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

VR technology might also be part of Xbox One’s future, as Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has teased that the company has been playing around with the idea of its own VR headset for quite some time. He has also stated that Microsoft will have a jam-packed E3 showing in a couple of months, with plenty of new game announcements planned.