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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Launch Day Live Stream

Diablo 3 was a very divisive game when it launched back in 2012. To Blizzard Entertainment’s credit they’ve listened to all the criticisms and feedback and really shook things up with Patch 2.0. Thanks to all the awesome changes in the huge patch and the bonus experience events leading up to the expansion’s launch, I’ve managed to sink dozens of hours demon slaying with friends all over again.

The new expansion Reaper of Souls is finally upon us and looks to solidify the series as the premiere Action-RPG franchise. A new character class, new Act, more skills and runes, Adventure mode, and lots of new little mechanics and improvements should keep us glued to the addictive loot fest even more.

Several of us at Leviathyn are eager to jump on with our level 60 characters and explore Act V, and we’re going to live stream the action tonight on our official Leviathyn twitch channel. The stream starts at 8pm PDT.

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Watch live video from LeviathynTV on www.twitch.tv