PS4 Sales In The UK Double After Infamous: Second Son Release

Infamous: Second Son provided a major boost to PlayStation 4 sales over the weekend, as the console saw an increase of 104% in sales compared to the previous week.

Infamous: Second Son provided Sony an even bigger sales increase than the blockbuster hit Titanfall, whose release saw Xbox One sales increase by 96% in the UK after its launch.

Infamous: Second Son is a PS4 exclusive action game which allows players to wreck havoc in the streets of the beautifully recreated Seattle, using their new found super powers. An established franchise from Sony’s first party studio Sucker Punch, it seems that Infamous: Second Son may finally be the system selling exclusive that PS4 fans have been waiting for.

Although official sales numbers for the week have not been release, we do know that the top three games of the week were Infamous: Second Son, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Titanfall respectively.