Microsoft Has Been Experimenting With VR Technology

Speaking at a GDC panel a few days ago, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer discussed his company’s plans for VR saying, “I think the technology’s really interesting, and it’s definitely something we’ve been playing with for quite a while.”

Spencer did not reveal any specific details about their potential VR technology, but he did state that Microsoft’s research division has helped the Xbox team stay competitive.

“We have this huge Microsoft research organization that is pretty important to us as a platform holder in helping us think about what might be next. It’s where Kinect came from, it’s where [Cortana’s] voice system came from, it’s where Drivatars came from,” he said. “There’s a bunch of stuff in our games that have been berthed out of Microsoft research; thousands of people working there in that team. Looking at things like Oculus, Morpheus–they haven’t sent me one yet–but when I think about VR and its uses in gaming I think there’s a real something there.”

Sony revealed their own VR headset, called Project Morpheus, and has thoroughly discussed their future plans for the device. It is designed to run concurrently only with the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Camera, which remains relatively sold out. There’s also the Oculus Rift, which now has the Dev Kit 2 up for pre-order. With Microsoft’s competitors focusing so heavily on VR, it’s almost inevitable for the company to reveal their own take on the new technology.