Leviathyn Minute – March 21, 2014

Nintendo bringing Unity to the 3DS, Assassin’s Creed Unity coming soon, and Microsoft announces the next version of Direct X? You won’t wanna miss this, here on your Leviathyn Minute.

Ubisoft confirmed the next in the Far Cry series will arrive in the first half of next year and will be set in the Himalayan mountains.

Assassin’s Creed Unity, which has been in development for the past three years is heading for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC this holiday.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate spends its one year anniversary since release in the west by being streamed live for 12 hours from Capcom Unity.

Unepic has received an update courtesy of developer EnjoyUp Games. Those in Europe and North America can download the update for Wii U today.

Last year, Nintendo announced a partnership with Unity Technologies and now it seems that they might be bringing Unity to the 3DS.

Microsoft has promised improved graphics performance for Xbox One games after unveiling DirectX 12 today. But the next version of DirectX will not be available for testing til at least the end of this year and games will not be using the new technology until at least 2015. At this time, DirectX 12 is only for Windows 8.

And a new update is rolling out for Minecraft players on the 360 and Ps3 soon. The new update, update 14 will have a bunch of new features, blocks, and game play changes. Visit the link in the show notes for more details. Minecraft Forum

And now, in case you missed it, Winston L’Faux joins us for some real fake gaming news.

Fake Game News – The Week of 3/21/14

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