Prepare For SMITE With Developer Diary

Hi-Rez Studios is preparing for the official release of their game SMITE, a MOBA based on the concept of playing as different gods, with some behind-the-scenes information on how the game was created.

Set to release March 25th, SMITE gives its unique spin on the MOBA genre (made popular by titles like DOTA and League of Legends) with a dizzying array of historical gods to play as, such as Ra, Loki and Zeus.  Like most MOBAs, the game has a tremendous learning curve, but Hi-Rez Studios is aiming to make it a bit more accessible.  One way to do that is to show you the process behind the game, so Hi-Rez has release this developer diary to give you a glimpse.


If you are on the fence, we have broken down the reasons you should be playing SMITE. With the official release right around the corner, hopefully it can avoid some of the problems that have plagued other MOBAs, and deliver the experience fans have been waiting for.