Nobunaga the Fool Episode 10 Review: Monkey In The Middle

Well, previous episodes were preparing for some action and now the action has finally arrived. Mitsu and Leonardo come up with a brilliant plan once again for keeping the Oda Clan ahead of the curve. Not only that, but Hideyoshi (AKA the Monkey) is the man of the hour in this episode.

Up until recently, Hideyoshi has been a very minor character who often ends up being there for the occasional moment of comedy relief. But after this episode, he now takes a bigger role on the stage. First, Hideyoshi’s past is revealed in that he had a sister who died of starvation when the Oda Clan took the food his family grew as tax payment. Hideyoshi originally joined the Oda forces to get revenge, but then grew impressed by Nobunaga. Now he respects Nobunaga but promises to kill him if the clan lord should ever show weakness. It is a massive step in character development for Hideyoshi, and I wasn’t expecting it.

ntf10_screenshot3Previously, Hideyoshi also talked about how he wanted to get his own Grand War Armor. In this episode he gets it when Mitsu and Leonardo’s plan works out more or less perfectly, but more on that later. The Star of the West, at the request of Caesar, is sending additional Grand War Armors much to the dismay of many members of the Knights of the Round Table. I’m not entirely sure why King Arthur approved the request, but I bet he has reasons for this. Either he has more faith in Caesar than the rest of the Round Table, or there is something else behind it. Interestingly, Brutus is sent inside one of the War Armors to assist Caesar in his plans. So maybe soon Brutus might betray him? I imagine Caesar won’t be pleased that one of the War Armors got stolen, so I’m sure that might cause a rift between Caesar and Brutus.

Either way, the information on reinforcements reaches the ears of Himiko, who has ties with the region of the Star of the East that trades with the Star of the West. With that information presented to Nobunaga, the Oda clan then starts to plan a way to counter this. Forces are deployed to fight Caesar, or at least give the appearance that they intend to fight. Nobu and his allies head to Takamagahara, the place where trade occurs between the two planets. They infiltrate the facility and succeed in taking the place offline. In the confusion, the transports carrying the War Armors land on one of the unused ports at Takamagahara.

ntf10_screenshot6The plan was going too well, so obviously something was going to go wrong. I didn’t expect that Brutus would actually be inside one of the War Armors, ready to go in the event of something going wrong. That is some dedicated loyalty to Caesar to willingly sit inside a War Armor while it is shipped between the stars with what appears to be a lack of any food or resources in the event that the trip should take more than a day to get there. To counter Brutus, Hideyoshi climbs into a War Armor and is thrown around by Brutus until Nobu gives Hideyoshi one of the Regalia. With the regalia, Hideyoshi is able to defeat Brutus while making some clever references to Journey to the West at the same time.

Caesar gets word that one of his craft was stolen, but he doesn’t seem displeased by the news. Rather, he seems interested in Nobunaga more. My only guess is that, losing a war armor and having another damaged is just a temporary setback for Caesar and he has something planned to deal with the loss. Based on what is shown in the preview for the next episode, it would seem that Caesar will be able to launch an assault on the Oda Clan regardless of the events of this episode. Also the fact that the next episode title is death is certainly ominous.

I get the feeling that the next few episodes are going to be just as action packed as this one. This episode only served to be a prologue to a great deal more fighting that will likely end with a major advancement to the plot. Perhaps the Star of the West will have a greater presence on the Star of the East as the battle goes on?