New Hacker-Based Games Bundle Announced

Starting today, March 20th, Bundle Stars will be offering a hacker-based games bundle called simply as, The Hacker Bundle. The bundle will offer all the of entries in the strategy simulation-based Hacker Evolution series developed by indie studio Exosyphen. Hacker Evolution, Hacker Evolution: Untold and Hacker Evolution: Duality are all of the three games in the series that will be included, and will also come with all of the eight DLC add-ons.

“Bypass complex security systems, find exploits and information, and steal money to finance mission objectives,” the press release stated. “Bribe, frame or even murder other people using ingenious traps. It’s all in a day’s work for a virtual hacker. Players will have to rely on all their wits and guile to survive in a secretive, cutthroat digital world and solve captivating mind games.”

The normal cost for all three games and their add-ons is $60, but consumers can purchase the bundle for only $2.99. Players can redeem their bundle on Steam. Two of the games run only on Windows with the exception of Hacker Evolution: Duality, which also runs on Mac and Linux.