Microsoft May Start Rewarding Well Behaved Xbox Live Players

Microsoft announced at GDC 2014 that, in an effort to promote a friendly online community, positive reinforcement may come into play on Xbox Live. The company plans to begin rewarding players with good social behavior and sportsmanship online with as of yet unknown rewards.

The reputation system is still in the brainstorming stages, Microsoft development lead Frank Savage told Polygon after the conference.

The current system only takes into account poorly behaved members, showing their bad reputation in their gamercard like the old system and grouping them with other bad players. They could even be knocked down the priority list for matchmaking systems.

This system is meant to get rid of the bad players, but does nothing to reinforce good behavior. The hope for the new system is that it will promote good interactions, and help better the community as a whole.

(Ed: Finally, some reason for people to at least act civilized on Xbox Live. It was the primary reason I don’t play my Xbox as much anymore. Definitely keep a close eye on this as it develops.)