Sony Underestimated Demand For PlayStation Camera

Sony has underestimated the high demand for PlayStation 4’s $59.99 PlayStation camera. Gamespot reports that Sony senior staff developer support engineer Chris Norden has revealed, during a GDC panel, that the camera has a 15 percent attach rate, meaning that about 900,000 units of the camera were sold. The PlayStation 4 has sold 6 million units.

The company is also “severely supply constrained,” with Norden asking consumers to “please be patient,” as Sony is working its hardest to replenish supply. Norden hasn’t made it clear when exactly the camera will be available, as it is currently sold-out at most retail stores.

Demand for the camera will only increase due to the recent announcement of Sony’s VR headset, entitled Project Morpheus. The headset, which borrows or mirrors what the Oculus Rift is attempting to do with virtual reality, has to be simultaneously played with the PlayStation camera. Head of Sony’s Worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida stated that the camera was “almost designed for VR.”

Alongside the camera, the PlayStation 4 itself remains difficult to find at traditional brick and mortar stores, though Amazon has replenished its stock and is currently selling the console for the regular price of $399.99.