PlayStation 4 Update To Expand Capture Options

Coming off the exciting news at GDC, Sony announced today through the PlayStation Blog that it will be expanding the options for video capture/sharing on the PlayStation 4.

The update, which is due to be dropped in the “coming weeks,” will allow two major things for players to do: turn off the console’s mandatory High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) and the ability to export screenshots and captures to an USB drive.

PlayStation 4 owners can simply switch off the HDCP option, and allow players to capture footage through HDMI. Which is great news for content creators, allowing players and journalists to capture longer footage of games.

The update also brings the ability to move footage over to an USB drive, which will bring higher quality images and clips of PlayStation 4 games across the Internet. Sony said that there is more to come about the sharing options, but will not comment any further on the issue.

PlayStation 4 is also improving it’s streaming ability with Twitch and Ustream that will be coming in a future update. While Microsoft has just released an update allowing Xbox One players to use Twitch, Sony is promising that PlayStation 4 players will be able to archive their Twitch broadcasts. Players will also have the ability to broadcast on Twitch at 720p when the next update is released.