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Kickstarter Round-Up: March 2014

It’s that time of the month again. Just as last month’s standout Kickstarter campaigns are reaching their end, Leviathyn is here to give you the details on the Kickstarter games that are both the talk of the gaming community and those that stand out as worth supporting.

I think one of the most compelling things about Kickstarter is that it directly fights the idea that there are no ‘new’ ideas when it comes to creating games. While the games industry tends to condense the biggest releases of the year in either March or November, Kickstarter seems to be pumping out great game pitches non-stop. My wallet might not think too much of this situation, I like to see it as one of the most developments in recent gaming history.

Anyway, here are this month’s highlights when it comes to Kickstarter games:



As someone’s who’s probably sunk a little too much time (and money) into Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Duelyst sounds like the a game I am all too interested in playing. It’s got a hell of a development team behind it with ex-Diablo, Rogue Legacy and Ratchet and Clank developers and looks like a fusion of quick-burst strategy games like Hearthstone and miniature games like Warhammer 40,000. The developers look to be emphasizing the huge variety of units in the game and are already promising to foster and support long-term competitive play for the game. Check out the video to get a better idea of the game below:

Duelyst’s Kickstarter campaign isn’t even halfway done and it’s already soared past the initial goal of $68,000 and is currently sitting just below $75,000. You can read more about the game and pledge money to support it via their Kickstarter page.


Chaos: Reborn

From its inception Kickstarter has been a service that renowned content creators have made great use of whether their talents lie with television or with classic adventure games. Chaos: Reborn is a project by Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM games. Chaos: Reborn is a spiritual successor to a game of the same title that Gollop made back in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum and it looks to bring the wizard-dueling fun of the original to modern audiences. The gameplay promises “wizard tactics with bluff and deception, procedurally generated realms, online multiplayer, co-op and a huge single player campaign” as well as very crisp and unique visual style.

The goal for the project is currently set to $180,000 but it’s already close to $50,000. You can read more about the game and pledge money to the project via their Kickstarter page.


Proven Lands

Of all the projects I’m highlighting this month, Proven Lands looks like one of the most ambitious and compelling. The game is a procedurally generated science fiction survival game with players taking on the role of a stranded astronaut who must fight to survive in the face of “hunger, thirst, strange animals, weather and even the nature itself”. Considering how big other sandbox survival games like DayZ and RUST have gotten in the past few years, Proven Lands could be something well and truly worth taking a look at.

The game has yet to hit its lofty fundraising goal of £299,000 but is currently sitting around the  £19,000 mark. You can read more about the game and pledge money via their Kickstarter page.



Proven Lands isn’t the only Kickstarter game this month that is bringing a lot of ambition to the table with Planets³ also making headlines across a lot of gaming blogs as of late. Planets³ is a dynamic and ambitious 3D open world voxel RPG that aims to take the creative and open-ended gameplay of something like Minecraft and apply that openness to the systems of an RPG. Players will be able to develop their character in different ways and the crafting system aims to marry freedom with utility – allowing players to not only build usable items but even usable vehicles and maybe eventually structures.

Planets³ proves the price of ambition is high with the game’s developers asking for $250,000 to build the game. Thankfully, things are already underway and the game is sitting at just under $150,000. You can read more about the game and pledge money through their Kickstarter page.



The developers of the indie platformer No Time To Explain are back with a game that’s just crazy enough to top their last. JetGetters is a 3D multiplayer jet fighting and hijacking game that’s inspired by action games like Just Cause. TinyBuild Games are promising a fun multiplayer experience that’s both accessible and competitive and really it’s hard to not get behind a game that lets you leap out of a jet, take down another jet with a mid-air rocket launcher shot then hijack a third jet. It sounds like a truckload of fun and you can check out the pledge video below:

JetGetters is currently sitting at just under $10,000 towards their $50,000 goal. You can read more about the game and pledge money to the project through their Kickstarter page.