GOG To Support Linux has announced that they will be supporting Linux by Fall 2014.

The site has announced that they will be specifically supporting Mint Linux and Ubuntu Linux. When the Linux support is launched, will have at least 100 games available and ready for download. The prices of the Linux games will be similar to their PC and Mac counterparts.

“This is, as we mentioned, something that we’re in the early stages of,’ stated by, ‘so we can’t talk about what games will be a part of our on Linux gaming launch because we, ourselves, don’t know what those games are.”

Could we see MDK on Linux? Only time will tell.

A Short History of

Good Old Games has been around since 2008. The site has allowed gamers to play classics such as MDK, the classic Thief series, and the classic Fallout series. Each game is DRM-free, allowing players to play their product without having to worry about restrictions. supports PC and Mac. has recently expanded their catalog from classics to recent titles like The Witcher 2, Hotline MiamiFez, the cult-favorite Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, and the first Assassin’s Creed.