God of War 3 Creative Director Leaves Sony Santa Monica

Several sources have confirmed to IGN that God of War 3 creative director Stig Asmussen has left Sony Santa Monica after nearly 11 years.

Commonly known as “Stig,” he first started his career working for the now defunct Midway for four years, following his graduation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He then joined Santa Monica and started working on the first God of War title as an environment artist. He then took the position of art director for God of War 2 until finally moving on up to creative director for God of War 3.

Since Asmussen wasn’t working on God of War: Ascension, the latest title in the series which was directed by Todd Papy (who also left Santa Monica), he was purportedly working on a new unannounced IP for the PlayStation 4. But it has since been understood that the title was canceled following a round of layoffs at the studio.

Whether that influenced his departure, or if his decision to leave was made long before the layoffs, is unknown. He is currently interviewing at several studios.


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