Top 10 Best Mobile Games: In Memory of Flappy Bird

We live in a world where nothing lasts forever. This can be seen in the natural order all around us- consider entropy for example- but can be felt most acutely, perhaps, through the death of that which we love. A few short weeks ago, the world lost one of it’s finest. Flappy Bird has brought joy to the hearts of millions, and it’s untimely departure from this world has darkened many a heart. Some have tried to help each others through these dark times by providing phones with the fabled game installed for a scant fee, but I say there is a way to embrace the loss of the thing we loved. There is, of course, the possibility that our messiah will return to us, but it matters not. For in our darkest hour, mankind can produce art of true beauty. Consider Shakespeare, who wrote Hamlet shorty after the death of his eldest son. Or Ben Jonson, who under similar circumstances wrote the poem On My First Sonne. In this time of grief, it brings joy to see a dedicated, inspired group of artists working to create a vibrant and original catalogue of games for the mobile market. These are the very best mobile games of the moment.

10) Splashy Fish – The Adventure of a Tiny Bird Fish

A truly inspirational and original take on the ground-breaking Flappy Bird, in which the player taps their phone in order to navigate a bird through perilous obstacles, Splashy Fish has the player tapping their phone to navigate a fish through perilous obstacles. A truly unique and deep title that speaks for the artistic integrity of it’s creator. Whilst it can be said the theme of the game may feel familiar to anyone still aching for Flappy Bird, the tone is entirely different. It’s a fish, not a bird, you see. A triumph of modern game design: 10/10.

9) Floppy Fish


Floppy Fish is a deviant title that never ceases to please. Whilst game is still unable to move past the ‘flappy’ craze, Floppy Fish embraces a whole new element- the floppy. Combine this with an edgy, avant-garde monochrome art style, and you get a game clearly fit for any top ten list. Even one that’s got nothing to do with gaming. Seriously, it’s just that good. 44/13.

8) Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game of Tiny Cute Fishes

What’s that? Not had enough of the floppy phenomenon? Is Floppy Fish not enough for you? Then you need to get yourself a copy of Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game of Tiny Cute Fishes. You see, Floppy Fish is practically pedestrian when compared to Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game of Tiny Cute Fishes. That’s because, unlike Floppy Fish, Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game of Tiny Cute Fishes is the best free tap game of tiny cute fishes. In fact, in the opinion of this humble gamer, Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game of Tiny Cute Fishes is the best free tap game of any tiny cute marine animal. And that’s a quote you can put on the back of the box, Rival Media Inc.! 50/4.5.

7) Flappy Fish+


Whilst the move from flappy into other genres can breathe new life into an already flourishing market, sometimes you just can beat an old classic. Flappy Fish+ is just that. Remember the joy you got out of playing Flappy Bird as a child? You’d boot up the ol’ smart phone and play for hours on that thing. And games these days just aren’t the same. They don’t have that same sense of challenge, or the same warmth as they used to. Well, Flappy Fish+ proves that the hypothetical you is a filthy liar. It’s got all the classic style you used to enjoy, except this time it’s with a fish! What more could you ask for? Oh, that’s right- a plus sign! 98/π.

6) Floppy Fish – Rush

I wasn’t sure if I should include this on the list or not, because I’m not sure that you can handle it. Step aside Sonic the Hedgehog and Forza Motorsport; we’ve got a new king of speed in town, and it slows down for no-one. Experience ground-breaking game-play and level design as you navigate a floppy fish past obstacles at break-neck speed! It’s so fast, I literally experienced the entirety of this game’s features in seconds. Don’t miss out! 2/-106.

5) Flappy Froggy


Oh man, I can’t begin to tell you the nostalgia trip I had with this one. Think of all those classic amphibian-based games; Frogger, Battle-Toads, Gex. Well, he’s a lizard, but that’s close enough. Combine that with flappy, and you’ve got a recipe for a one-way trip down memory lane. I didn’t want to come back! Stunning visuals and a breath-taking new twist on the all-important flappy phenomenon make this the best game I’ve ever played, except for the next four on the list. 9000/54.

4) Flippy Fish – Splashy Flying Circus

Holy flipped-fish, it’s Flippy Fish – Splashy Flying Circus. It’s got the style, it’s got the style and boy does it have the style. Ever wondered what it’d be like playing a game that’s a bit like Floppy Fish, Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game, except it’s got the word ‘circus’ in the title? That’s one of the few words that isn’t in the title Floppy Fish, Floppy Fish – Best Free Tap Game! You need to play this game, now. 698308/33.

3) Floppy_Fish

Phenomenal. Infinity/0.

2) Slappy Bird, Top Secret Flappy

I wish I could tell you more about this game, but it’s top secret. You’ll have to find out by playing it- but hey, it got to number two on this list. How do you think it is? REDACTED/REDACTED.  

1) Flying Poo – Flippy’s Fun Adventures

Floppy Fish, Floppy Fish - Best Free Tap Game

At this point, I find myself almost speechless. Truly, this game has taken my breath away. Even a score wont help; right now, numbers mean nothing.

A lot of people demean the mobile market, and a lot of the time they’re right. They accuse it of being stagnant or repetitive. They say that the market is full of clones of the same few games made by lazy devs looking to cash in on a fad. It can be a little tiring for me bringing up the same old stories again and again. The story of big name publishers using the market to squeeze money out of unsuspecting gamers- gamers who might not be as clued into the industry as you or I might. And then I look to the rest of the market. On the PC we have a legion of indie developers developing ground-breaking new titles like Minecraft or FTL, titles which can and do blow AAA games out of the water. Our answer to that on the mobile market is Flying Poo, Flippy’s Fun Adventures. It genuinely brings a tear to my eye when I realize that shit like this will never die.

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  1. tgruver

    0_o That last one (the game whose name shall not be spoken) leaves me utterly speechless. Sheer brilliance, though I’d be afraid to know the mind that conceived such a. . . thing.

  2. DamianWitham

    Thanks for including my game Joe. (Floppy Fish). And I quite like your review. Avant garde monochromatic.

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