Decapre is the 5th New Character in Ultra Street Fighter IV

The biggest question surrounding Ultra Street Fighter IV has been answered: Decapre is the 5th new character in the latest update to Street Fighter IV. Decapre will be joining Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison as the brand new characters introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Capcom unveiled Decapre at Final Round 17, one of biggest fighting game tournaments in the US. Decapre is the only new character that hasn’t appeared in a Street Fighter game before. She looks like an “evil” version of Cammy, as she is one of the members of The Dolls, a group of assassins led by M. Bison. IGN posted a video that shows the many combos of Decapre.

A few weeks ago, Capcom also announced at Southern California Regionals 2014 that Ultra Street Fighter IV will also have an Edition Select, which allows players to choose past versions of any character. For example, the version of Sagat from the original Street Fighter IV can go up against the Yun from Arcade Edition. The characters will have all the changes and properties that were present from that specific version. Edition Select will not be available for online play, and can only be used for offline matches.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released June 2014 and will be a $15 download for those who already own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Ultra will also be released as a standalone retail game for $40 at a later date. The retail copy will also have all DLC costumes released thus far.