Thoughts and Analysis of Amazon’s Reported Game Controller

While it’s true you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet (except Buzzfeed quizzes, those are always legit), sometimes you can find some interesting stuff there. An image reportedly containing the first glimpse of the controller of Amazon’s new gaming console was released today, and it probably doesn’t look like you thought it would.

In a report by The Verge, the images are believed to come from the Brazillian equivalent of the FCC, via Zats Not Funny. It’s a tenuous link, but you can see for yourself what you think of the controller.



With Amazon’s recent purchase of Strider developer Double Helix and the reveal of their new AppStream service, the signs are certainly pointing towards an emergence in the video games industry. So what do we think of the controller?

At first glace, it recalls vague images of the original Xbox controller (not so affectionately nicknamed The Duke). That is to say black, huge and unwieldy.  Although we obviously haven’t gotten our hands on it, it appears particularly bulky, and could be a problem for people with small hands if left in its current form. The buttons in the middle look like they could be particularly cumbersome to hit.

Microsoft Word - Foto externa_Controle Remoto


In other ways, it resembles the later Xbox controllers. It features the standard four-button face input, two shoulder buttons and two triggers, as well as what appears to be a battery pack on the back. You will also notice the offset analog stick layout, which is a distinct feature of the Microsoft controllers, and a rigid d-pad, which is not.

In the middle, you will notice a few differences. Instead of a start and select (or even share button), there is what appears to be a back button, home button, perhaps a menu button and one other unmarked button below those three. What could it’s functionality be? As of right now, all four appear cumbersome to hit, but we won’t know until we have an idea of the scale of the controller. You may also notice the buttons on the bottom of the controller, which look to be standard rewind, fast-forward and play/pause. Could it double as game pause, (or, less likely, a game rewind/FF)?

Based on these images, I would say Amazon has some work to do.  Like the recently announced Steam Controller, we expect Amazon to iterate on the design, and my bet is we see a slimmer controller next time around.  As usual, keep it locked in here for more details as they roll out.

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  1. tgruver

    It seems like the entire industry’s still trying to best the post 360-era controller. Maybe they all seem bulky by comparison just so they wouldn’t be exactly the same near-perfection.

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