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Viz Media Announces Upcoming Manga

Over the past week, Viz Media has been announcing a great deal of new manga they will have available for purchase from Fall 2014 onward. It is a truly massive collection that has something for everyone. Not only that, but quite a few of the new releases can also be purchased digitally on computer or on iOS devices, Android Smart Phones, Kindles, and many other devices.

For those who are into the shojo variety of manga (basically manga with a target audience more focused on females), Viz Media has just released the first of five volumes of a new series called Phantom Thief Jeanne. The physical copy of the first volume will cost $10.99 while the digital version will cost $6.99. The digital version is available for purchase at or through the app on iOS devices. I’ll be reviewing the first volume of this manga next week, so keep an eye out for that. Another new series that will be released in December for $9.99 is the first volume of Yukarism, a romance with a main character who is able to go back and forth in time between his current life and past life.

If you just can’t get enough shojo manga and have a lot of extra cash to spare, Viz Media has announced to box sets. The first is the complete collection of Black Bird, which contains eighteen volumes and a miniature art book as a bonus. This collection will cost $149.99 and will be available in October later this year. The second collection is Set 2 for Vampire Knight. The second set will contain volumes eleven through nineteen, and it will cost $89.99. As a bonus, this collection comes with an art book. Expect to see this collection in retail in November.

Viz Media is on a spree with the Vampire Knight series, as they are releasing a limited edition (along with a regular edition) version of the nineteenth volume of the series for $15.99 in October. Not only that, but a collection of short stories will also be released in December called Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams. The compilation will cost $14.99 and will be a must have for fans of the series.

Shonen fans won’t be left out in the cold later this year. For One Piece fans, a box set containing volumes twenty four through forty six will be released in November and will cost $185.99. In December, the first volume of an intriguing series by the name of Assassination Classroom will make its debut in North America. The first volume will cost $9.99. Viz Media also has announced the release of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman for $9.99 in Janunary 2015. I highly recommend Jaco the Galactic Patrolman for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fans, as this new manga will provide bonus content about Goku’s parents, specifically his mother.

Fans of both manga and Resident Evil will be pleased to hear that Viz Media will be releasing a volume of Resident Evil manga. This volume is the first of five and serves as prequel for Resident Evil 6. The first volume comes out in November and will cost $12.99.

Miyazaki fans are in for some good news as well; Viz Media has announced two upcoming books related to the film Princess Mononoke. The first is The Art of Princess Mononoke and the second is Princess Mononoke: The First Story. The art book will feature concept artwork, interviews, animation cels and more. The art book is scheduled to be released in August and will cost $34.99. Princess Mononoke: The First Story is an illustrated storybook which contains the original version of the story before it was adapted into the animated film. The storybook will be released in October and will cost $34.99.

With an ever expanding catalog of anime, Viz Media has something for everyone to look forward to during this year and beyond.