Flappy Bird Developer Says Game May Return To Market With Warning

Dong Nguyen, developer and creator of hit mobile game Flappy Bird,  is considering returning the game to the market, with one interesting stipulation.

Nguyen said in an interview with Rolling Stone that if he ever creates a new version of the game, it will come with a warning to “please take a break.”

The interview revealed that Nguyen had developed Flappy Bird based on the mantra developed by Nolan Bushnell, creator of Pong: “Easy to learn and difficult to master.” The goal was to make the game function with extremely simple controls. Tap anywhere on the screen, and that is the only control. However, for anyone that has played the game, the controls are deceptively simple.

The developer recently pulled the game from the market, citing several reasons, including concern over children’s mental health, the addictive nature of the game, and the change in lifestyle the game had caused him, rocketing from unknown game developer to superstar in a short period of time.

Recently he’s come to accept the lifestyle, as Flappy Bird still generates tens of thousands of dollars for him. He has quit his job got a passport, considered moving out of his parents house and into an apartment and buying a car. But all the while, he still programs games with the same style he did before, with easy controls and high difficulty.

Source: DualShockers

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